Here are some samples of how you can personalize your trees’ Geocoordenates.
If you buy trees to give as a Gift, or for yourself, send us your details after processing your payment.
We will get your geo-coordinates personalized for you (for free!).

Number of the templateBuy your TreesView with Google Maps
2PeopleBirth a Boy_Girl
3PeopleJust Married
4PeopleValentines Day
6PeopleNew year
7PeopleFast Recovery
8PeopleFather Day
9PeopleMother Day
10PeopleI'm sorry
11PeoplePersonal Business Card
12Peolple life style STATISTICAL NEUTRAL
14Peoplegarage motor car A GREEN CAR
15People restaurant FOOD FOOTPRINT
101OrganizationsPlant for your patients
102OrganizationsPlant 1 tree per 100 visitors
103Organizationsschool Plant 1 tree per student
104Organizationsbook My GREEN LIBRARY
105Organizationssport diving sport clubs
203Companiesbeer, wine, drink Beverages
Companies Chemicals
205Companies Cinema and Leisure
206Companiesperfume soap Cosmetics
207CompaniesElectricity and Fuel
208CompaniesEvents and Shows
209Companies Bread, biscuits, diary Food
210Companiescafe Horeca
211CompaniesGSM operators
212Companiesmachines Manufacturing
213Companiesdoctor hospital medicine Medical and Pharma
214CompaniesNatural disasters
215Companiespress Newspapers, magazines
216Companiescity town state Public, Government
217CompaniesReal Estate
219CompaniesTelevision and Radio
220CompaniesTemping agencies
221Companiestravel, plane, holiday 1 TRIP - 1 TREE
223Companiescigarettes Smoking